Final Major - Prop Design ID Cards

Final Major - Cinematography Examples using shots from location scout

as we revisited the location yesterday where we intend to shoot some of the scenes, I took the opportunity to use some of the iphone shots that we took and put them into photoshop to play around with the colour balance amongst other things to see if I could create a cinemagraphic style that I could demonstrate with these stills. These stills are quite intense in their colour contrast, and as such the final finished piece probably won't be as intense, however they demonstrate well the contrast between the cool blued highlights and orange shadows and blacks. In the 3rd image I also applied a basic lens blur to demonstrate a "faked" shallow depth of field, and while very tacky in execution the demonstration is presentable.

Final Major Production - Location Revisited Pt.2

Final Major Production - Production Documents Pt.1

Final Major - Title Sequence Stills

Final Major Production - Cinematography Research 2

Above are more visual examples from http://moviesincolor.com/films a site which pulls colour palette swatches and data from film stills. In the stills above with colour palettes these demonstrate a selection of browns, greys and oranges with highlights in the pastels, much like the vision for Wildflower

Additionally are some shots from Dan Baugh's Love Always from last year, which I worked as DOP on, showing the shot style I hope to improve on but still use in the new one. The shallow focus, wide aperture and bokeh are again what I'm hoping to recreate and demonstrate in the new project.

Final Major Production - Logo Design Mockups

Here are some mockup designs for the Wildflower graphical logo, Lizzie and myself both agree that the simpler sans-serif typeface is much better because it's less in your face, especially the second more simple purple coloured logo, as the top one is quite in your face and looks like a neon sign, and the second more "eloquent" design looks a little over produced, and unnecessarily graphical.